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  • ACADEMY AWARDS PORTRAIT COLLECTION (1961) 27925 Academy Award Winning Actors Portfolio (1961)  Plus One-Sheet Poster
  • More examples of these nice charcoal lithographs.


Academy Award Winning Actors Portfolio (1961) Plus One-Sheet Poster


This item is a portfolio of portraits of Academy Award winning actors and actresses. These portraits were rendered in charcoal and lithographed. The portfolio was published in 1961, so, of course, they do not feature in actors after 1961. But the liknesses are extraordinary. These were originally made available for theater patrons for who wished to buy them. We have acquired a set of these portraits. We are making them available along with a one-sheet (27x41) poster that was meant to advertise the portfolio in the theater lobby. Condition is very fine. Please note that these are not NSS movie materials. They were commercially prepared for the general public to buy in theater lobbies. Included in the portfolio is an order form and envelope where one could have ordered subsequent portraits of the winners after 1961.  How long these continued we do not know.  But these do provide nice charcoal sketches of classic Hollywood period actors in the Academy Award winning roles.  We have only one set of these. We think they are wonderful.  We guarantees that these date from 1961.  They are a vintage item, and not something printed recently.

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