ALAMO, THE (1960) 28805

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United Artists Promotional Material 14x30 Life Magazine Reprint

This poster is a reprinted page (14x30) from Life Magazine which was commissioned by United Artists for distribution to school children as a teacher's aid for history classes. The poster announces the world premiere of the the movie, and also has some historical data for the kids to peruse. It is printed on two sides. Hopefully, the boys at least will ask Dad to take them to see John Wayne's THE ALAMO. We acquired these from a theater that played the film in its roadshow run (1960). Condition is very fine. So this item is not specifically a movie poster, but rather a promotional item for the film. It does however date from the first release of the film. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

JOHN WAYNE - Actor/Director
Richard Widmark - Actor
Richard Boone - Actor
Frankie Avalon - Actor
Chill Wills - Actor
Ken Curtis - Actor
Denver Pyle - Actor
Hank Worden - Actor
Gil Perkins - Actor

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