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BAMBI (1942) 16917

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Walt Disney Company One Sheet Poster (27x41). Release of 1957. Folded. Fine Plus To Very Fine.

Re-release poster from the Disney Company for David Hand animation masterpiece for Walt Disney Productions, BAMBI (1942). BAMBI has played and continues to play a key role in shaping American attitudes about deer and woodland life. The film is the single most successful and enduring statement in American pop culture against hunting. The greatest emotional impact in the film is the death of Bambi's mother, who is shot by hunters off screen. Children are generally overwhelmed with grief for the seemingly senseless killing of the mother and realize that Bambi is left a virtual orphan without his principal caregiver. Although the film did not recover its production expenses in its first run, subsequent releases made the film one of the most successful animation features of all time. This is a re-release poster for the film from 1957 and it is a wonderful poster for the film, better than the original, we feel, with better art and better executed. This poster is in fine plus to very fine condition.

DAVID HAND - Director

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