BENGAL TIGER (1936) 30969 Title Lobby Card Movie Poster Barton MacLane June Provost Louis King

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Original U.S. Title Lobby Card (11x14) Fine Plus

One of the most striking title lobby cards we have seen. The film is BENGAL TIGER (1936), a B-picture if there ever was one, directed by Louis King. This adventure film stars Barton MacLane, June Travis, Warren Hull, Dick Purcell, Carlyle Moore, Jr and a host of other contract players from Warner Bros. This card is in nice shape, but is delicate. It has one area where there is a weak spot and that should be reinforced. We can do nothing to the card, or reinforced this area with archival tissue. Nevertheless, we caution you to be careful with it, should you wish to buy. Having said that, it's amazing! MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this card is authentic.

LOUIS KING - Director
Barton MacLane - Actor
June Travis - Actor
Warren Hull - Actor
Dick Purcell - Actor
Carlyle Moore - Jr. - Actor
Richard Alexander - Actor
Milton Kibbee - Actor
Marie Prevost - Actor

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