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Original French Poster (63x94) Linen-Backed Fine Condition

Original French Double Panel Poster (63x94), linen-backed, for the Jean Renoir film LA BETE HUMAINE (1938) starring Jean Gabin and Simone Simon. While some people regard this film as a romantic melodrama, it is, in fact, a serious candidate as a precursor to film noir. Wikipedia has summarized the plot nicely. "The solitary Lantier, who drives a locomotive between Paris and Le Havre, is liable to go into a murderous fit if alone with a woman he desires. He only feels secure when driving the train with his fireman Pecqueux. However, he cannot fail to notice SŽverine, the sexy wife of Roubaud, the deputy stationmaster at Le Havre. In the past she had had an affair with the rich and influential Grandmorin. The jealous Roubaud forces her to meet Grandmorin on a train, There he robs and kills his rival, but by chance the off-duty Lantier is a witness. Because he is attracted to SŽverine, he says nothing to the police, for which one night she rewards him. Then she starts suggesting to Lantier that he should get rid of her husband, but he fails the test. Instead, calling on her one night, he has a fit and kills her. Next day, after confessing to Pecqueux, he jumps to his death from the speeding train." This film would be the movie that immediately preceeded Renoir's masterpiece, RULES OF THE GAME (1939). MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic, vintage, French 2-panel poster for this film. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas does not sell reproductions.

JEAN RENOIR - Actor/Director
Jean Gabin - Actor
Simone Simon - Actor

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