BILLIE BURKE (1931) 28481 Signed Photograph

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Gelatin Silver Print (9 5/8 X 7 1/2) of Actress Billie Burke By Photographer Russell Ball

Extraordinary Gelatin Silver Print in fine, but not perfect condition, of actress Billie Burke. The photo is from the studio of Russell Ball (so indicated on the reverse side), and shows Burke casually posing for the camera. She looks relaxed and radiant. The photo is inscribed "Mr. Novi, With Kind Regards, Billie Burke, 1931". Billie Burke enjoyed a long career, and is remembered for her roles at MGM, including the role of Glenda, the good witch, in THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939). The photograph was consigned to MovieArt Austin by the grandson of Louie Novi, Mr. Jay Podolnick. He has provided these notes for provenance. "My Grandfather Louis Novy ran Carl HoblitzelleÕs operations (Interstate Theaters) in Austin, Texas from 1920 to his passing in 1956. These included: The Hancock Opera House, State Theater and the The Paramount Theater. During that period a wide variety of acts graced the Paramount stage ranging from Houdini, The Marx Brothers, George M. Cohan, Helen Hayes, John Philip Sousa, Lillian Gish, the Ziegfeld Follies, and through the transformative years of silent films to the Òtalkies.Ó Louie and Lyndon Johnson were close friends dating back to the late 1930Õs. Lyndon once wrote Louie Novy was his dearest of friends. Louie Novy was also given the Silver Medal from the United States Treasury Dept for raising $8.5 million dollars during the war effort campaigns of 1945-1947. Before his passing in 1956, Louie left Interstate Theaters to start his own movie house empire with his son (my uncle) Buster Novy. When Louie passed away in 1958, Buster became President of LouieÕs Trans-Texas Theaters, but two short years later, Buster passed away and the business of Trans-Texas Theaters went to Louie NovyÕs daughter (my mother) Lena Novy, and (my father) Earl Podolnick. As president of Trans-Texas Theaters, Earl began the task of rebuilding the company into the finest state of the art movie houses in Texas. From El Paso, Denton, Dallas, Ft.Worth, and Austin. They included true Cinerama, and 70MM screens and projectors, 35MM single screen theaters, and later, a few multi screen theaters. Trans-Texas Theaters closed operations in 1976 due to the advent of the large corporate multiplexes. As Trans-Texas was basically a small Òmom and popÓ company, it became impossible to compete. During the Trans-Texas era, many community, black tie fundraisers were held at these theaters. Most notable was working with long time friend Ladybird Johnson on her beautification of Town Lake project in Austin, and the LBJ Library. Many stars came to Trans-Texas fundraising events. Lady Bird, Lucy Johnson, Robert Stack, Chill Wills, Susan Sarandon, Britt Hume, Jack Valenti, Patrick Wayne, Burt Kennedy, Richard Lyons and others. Honors given to Earl Podolnick included Bette Davis, and Olivia de Havilland. And the Lion of Judea Award given personally to Earl and Lena from the Prime Minister of Israel Itzhak Rabin." This beautiful family heirloom is offered exclusively through MovieArt Austin. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

Billie Burke - Actor

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