BORN TO KILL (1947) 25929

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RKO Original Half Sheet Poster Style B 22x28 Never Folded

This is an original RKO Half Sheet Poster, Style B, for the Robert Wise brooding film noir masterpiece, BORN TO KILL (1947) starring Lawrence Tierney, Claire Trevor, and Walter Slezak. This masterful study in corruption includes all the film noir staples: murder, lust, greed, and betrayal. Unlike most directors, Wise succeeded in almost every imaginable film genre, and he infuses this film with a remarkable air of depravity. Sam Wild (Tierney) is a greedy, lustful, and heartless sociopath who kills anything that gets in his way or upsets him. When he meets the shocking and disturbed Helen Trent (Trevor), he is sure she is the woman for him. Claire Trevor was the queen of noir femme fatales at the time and certainly gives one of her best performances ever. But the film belongs to Tierney, who terrified the audience with his evil eyes and hateful expressions. This original half sheet is in very fine plus condition. It was never folded, colors are vivid. There is a minor ding on the left edge. This is really one of the better examples that we have seen for any poster on BORN TO KILL. MovieArt guarantees that this poster is an original, authentic poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

ROBERT WISE - Director
Claire Trevor - Actor
Lawrence Tierney - Actor
Walter Slezak - Actor
Audrey Long - Actor
Elisha Cook Jr. - Actor
Jason Robards - Sr. - Actor
Martha Hyer - Actor

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