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Original Allied Artists 1974 Re-release 40x60 Poster. Very fine condition.

This is an original Allied Artists 1974 Reissued 40x60 Poster for the Bob Fosse classic musical romance, CABARET (1972) starring Liza Minnelli, Michael York, Helmut Griem, and Joel Grey. Based on the Christopher Isherwood story, "A Goodbye to Berlin," this film tells the story of American entertainer Sally Bowles who comes to decadent Berlin of the early 1930s and goes to work at The Kit-Kat Club. She is the same kind of character as Marlene Dietrich's famous archetype in "The Blue Angel" a seemingly heartless vamp who drives men crazy and then throws them away like toys. The film works wonderfully on a historical level, on a personal story level, as well as on a purely entertainment level. Fosse recreates in living detail the grotesque sleaze of Berlin's lowlife during the rise of Nazism. Nominated for ten Academy Awards including Best Picture, it won eight Oscars including Best Director to Fosse, Best Actress to Minnelli, and Best Supporting Actor to Grey. This original re-release 40x60 poster is in very fine condition. It is no secret that many collectors prefer the art on this poster to the original release campaign art.

Michael York - Actor
Joel Grey - Actor
BOB FOSSE - Director
Liza Minnelli - Actor
Marisa Berenson - Actor
Helmut Griem - Actor

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