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United Artists Original One-Sheet Poster (27x41) Folded Fine Condition

United Artists Original One-Sheet Poster (27x41) folded for the movie CAVEMAN (1981) starring Ringo Starr, Dennis Quaid and Barbara Bach. The film was directed by Carl Gottlieb. Here is the desciption of this film in wikipedia. "Atouk (Starr) is a bullied and scrawny caveman living in "One Zillion BC Ð October 9th".[1] He lusts after the beautiful but shallow Lana (Bach), who is the mate of Tonda (Matuszak), their tribe's physically imposing bullying leader. After being banished along with his friend Lar (Quaid), Atouk falls in with a band of assorted misfits, among them the comely Tala (Long) and the elderly blind man Gog (Gilford). The group has ongoing encounters with hungry dinosaurs, and rescues Lar from a "nearby ice age", where they encounter an abominable snowman. In the course of these adventures they discover sedative drugs, fire, invent cooking, music, weapons, and learn how to walk fully upright. Atouk uses these advancements to lead an attack on Tonda, overthrowing him and becoming the tribe's new leader. He rejects Lana and takes Tala as his mate, and they live happily ever after." This comedy is largely slapstick, and was not much made over when it was released in 1981. However, it has acquired a cult following. The poster is folded and in fine plus condiiton. It's a theater-used poster, but colors are vivid and we have graded it as fine. MovieArt Austin guarantees this poster to be the authentic U.S. one-sheet poster for this film. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions.

Dennis Quaid - Actor
Barbara Bach - Actor

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