COLLEGE LOVE (1929) 7952 Movie Poster (27x41) George J. Lewis Dorothy Gulliver Hayden Stevenson Nat Ross

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Universal Studios Original One Sheet Poster (27x41) Fine Plus Condition. Linen-backed.

Here is the synopsis of this film, courtesy of the AFI catalog: "At Caldwell College, 'Flash' Thomas, captain of the football team, is in love with Dorothy May, who is infatuated with Bob Wilson, without whose help Thomas would not be such an outstanding player. Brokenhearted, Thomas tries to laugh it off, then against rules accepts an invitation to a roadhouse party. Wilson, discovering he is missing, hides in Thomas' bed to fool the coach, then tries to persuade him to leave the party; when they return, however, the coach discovers the ruse and puts Wilson, who shields Thomas, out of the game. Dorothy asks for an explanation and, receiving none, returns Thomas' fraternity pin. At the last minute, Wilson is rushed into the game and Thomas plays to redeem himself; Wilson scores a touchdown, is proclaimed a hero, and wins the love of Dorothy." Directed by Nat Ross, this film has the imprimatur of Carl Laemmle and his son Carl Laemmle all over it. The Laemmles ran Universal Studios at this time, so we can only deduce that this film was a pet project. Very cute, and expertly restored and linen backed, the poster's native condition was very good plus.

NAT ROSS - Director
George J. Lewis - Actor
Dorothy Gulliver - Actor
Hayden Stevenson - Actor
Eddie Phillips - Actor
Churchill Ross - Actor

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