CONGO MAISIE (1940) 22899

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Original MGM Complete Set of Eight Lobby Cards (11x14). Very Fine.

Original MGM Complete Set of Eight Lobby Cards (11x14) for the H.C. Potter comedy, CONGO MAISE (1940) starring Ann Sothern, John Carroll, and Rita Johnson. This was the second of ten very popular films starring Sothern as the wacky heroine Maise Ravier. Set in the jungles of West Africa, the best scene has Sothern dressed in a Carmen Miranda head dress and single-handedly subduing a native rebellion by singing "St. Louis Woman" to the sole accompaniment of jungle drums. This original complete lobby card set is very fine condition.

Ann Sothern - Actor
H.C. POTTER - Director
John Carroll - Actor
Rita Johnson - Actor
Shepperd Strudwick - Actor
J.M. Kerrigan - Actor
Ernest Whitman - Actor

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