CRABE-TAMBOUR, LE (1976) 5658

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Original AMLF French Poster (16x21). Folded. Fine Condition.

Original AMLF French Poster (16x21) for the Pierre Schoendoerffer war adventure, LE CRABE-TAMBOUR (1977) starring Jean Rochefort, Claude Rich, and Jacques Perrin. The Drummer Crab was a boyhood nickname for a handsome young Alsatian, who proves his courage first in the war in French Indochina and then again in the Algerian revolt. The film deals primarily with the bitter decolonization of the French empire in Indochina and Algeria and its heart-breaking influence on the soldiers who fought those lost wars. Now the Drummer Crab is only an elusive ghost who still roams the seas as a free man, while the officers who remember his exploits grow old and embittered. This original French poster is folded and in fine condition, with only some small amounts of tape on the corners of the poster.

Jean Rochefort - Actor
Claude Rich - Actor
Jacques Dufilho - Actor
Jacques Perrin - Actor

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