DAWN PATROL, THE (1932) 21650

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First National Pictures Original Theater Handbill or Herald (4x6 inches) Very Good Plus Condition

First National PIctures Original Theater Handbill or Herald (4x6 inches). We show the inside of the herald here. MovieArt Austin acquired a group of heralds that were found in a theater in Hico, Texas. The herald is for THE DAWN PATROL (1932) directed by Howard Hawks and starring Richard Barthelmess, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Neil Hamilton, Frank McHugh and Clyde Cook. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this herald is an authentic herald. We will sell no reproductions. There is a bit of paper tape on the front of the herald, otherwise condition is quite good, particularly the gatefold.

HOWARD HAWKS - Actor/Director
Richard Barthelmess - Actor
Douglas Fairbanks - Jr. - Actor
Neil Hamilton - Actor
Frank McHugh - Actor
Clyde Cook - Actor

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