EIGER SANCTION, THE (1975) 12334

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Universal Pictures Insert Poster 14x36 Rolled Very Fine EASTWOOD AND TREVANIAN

Rod Whitaker was a Film Professor at UT Austin when he started writing what he called "airport fiction" intended for publication in paperback. When Crown picked up one of his novels for hardback publication, a new spy novel author was minted, Trevanian. Not as prolific as some of them, but wittier, in most cases. THE EIGER SANCTION was the first one published and it was quickly made into a film vehicle for Clint Eastwood. With Jack Cassidy as the villain! The insert poster is in very fine condition, but does have some tiny staple holes, barely perceptible.

CLINT EASTWOOD - Actor/Director
George Kennedy - Actor
Jack Cassidy - Actor
Thayer David - Actor

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