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Original Italian 4 Fogli Poster (55x79). Folded. Good Condition.

Original Italian 4 Foglio Poster (55x79) for the Richard Brooks drama, ELMER GANTRY (1960) starring Burt Lancaster, Jean Simmons, Arthur Kennedy, Dean Jagger, and Shirley Jones. Richard Brooks' screenplay was adapted from the highly controversial novel by Sinclair Lewis, and no studio initially wanted to finance the film. The story deals with Gantry (Lancaster), a fast-talking, hard drinking traveling salesman. He becomes fascinated with a charismatic female evangelist (Simmons) and teams up with her to "sell" religion to America in the 1920s. But Gantry's sordid past catches up with him in the form of a prostitute named Lulu (Jones). The film was nominated for five Academy Awards and won three Oscars: Best Actor to Lancaster, Best Supporting Actress to Jones, and Best Adapted Screenplay to Brooks. This original Italian poster is folded and in good condition only, with some minor tears and holes. Nevertheless, the art by Nano captures the essential narrative of the film with the reckless Gantry about to put on the mask of piety. In the lower left we see Shirley Jones in the call-girl role that would win her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic Italian four-foglio poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions. This poster is a great candidate for linen-backing. Ask us about poster conservation services.

Jean Simmons - Actor
Shirley Jones - Actor
Arthur Kennedy - Actor
Dean Jagger - Actor
Patti Page - Actor
John McIntire - Actor
Edward Andrews - Actor
Hugh Marlowe - Actor
Barry Kelley - Actor
Jean Willes - Actor
Rex Ingram - Actor
John Qualen - Actor

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