ELVIS: THE MOVIE (1979) 12767

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Original British Quad Poster (30x40) Folded Very Fine Condition

Original British Quad (30x40) for the film ELVIS: THE MOVIE (1979). The film was broadcast on network television (ABC) in the USA, but was released theatrically in other countries. A very good movie, with maybe the best performance by any actor portraying Elvis Presley. Kurt Russell was quite good. The film also featured Shelly Winters, Robert Gray, Pat Hingle, Season Hubley, Ed Begley, Jr., Bing Russell and Joe Mantegna. You can probably find this on DVD or possibly even Blu-Ray and it is worth watching. Directed by the great John Carpenter. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic British quad poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

Kurt Russell - Actor
Shelley Winters - Actor
Robert Gray - Actor
Pat Hingle - Actor
Season Hubley - Actor
Ed Begley Jr. - Actor
Bing Russell - Actor
Joe Mantegna - Actor

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