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United Artists Original U.S. 24 Sheet Poster (9 x 20 feet) Very Fine Plus Condition Never Used!

Original United Artists 24 sheet billboard for the Gordon Douglas musical comedy, FOLLOW THAT DREAM (1962) starring Elvis Presley, Anne Helm and Arthur O 'Connell. This ninth movie for Presley was based on the 1957 Richard Powell novel, "Pioneer, Go Home", the story of the Kwimper family, who homestead on land along a newly built highway in Florida. Never was Presley more charming and innocent. He also performs some of his best "movie " songs, including "Follow That Dream " and "What a Wonderful Life". This is one of a handful of exterior billboards for an Elvis Presley film which has survived. This is a very large poster, printed on 12 different sheets. These sheets are joined together to present as one poster. The image of the poster that you see here is scanned from the pressbook. The pressbook was printed in black and white. The actual billboard, of course, is in full color. We have photographs of the individual panels, which you may request, that will give you an idea of the color scheme for the poster. Condition is very fine plus. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this 24 sheet poster is a vintage billboard for this film. Authenticity is impossible to doubt on an item like this becuase it would never have been practical to reproduce it. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

Elvis Presley - Actor
Roland Winters - Actor

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