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Paramount Pictures Original One-Sheet Poster (27x41) Linen Backed Fine Plus to Very Fine Condition

Paramount Pictures Original One-sheet Poster (27x41) for the Jerome Storm directed silent film GREASED LIGHTNING (1919) starring Charles Ray and Wanda Hawley. This is the description of the plot of this ancient film as found in wikipedia (and thank you!, wikipedia): "As described in a film magazine, village blacksmith Andy Fletcher (Ray) is about to purchase a new car when Laban Flint (Marks), the town banker, warns him to stay clear of his daughter Alice (Hawley) with the vehicle. Since Alice was the cause of Andy's desire in making the purchase, he is dissuaded. But a lucky trade brings a motored relic into his possession and Flint is pacified. During a drive into the country with Alice and her father, the car breaks down and an estrangement ensues when Alice departs in the elegant machine of Alden J. Armitage (McKim), a wealthy investor recently come to Piperville. Some time later Armitage arranges an automobile race and Andy enters his chassis. While the race is on, Armitage robs the bank and flees. Andy pursues in his car and captures the robber." Ah, the automobile! MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic U.S. one-sheet poster for this film. The poster has been backed on linen and presents very well. However, one can expect some defects in a poster this old. We can certainly provide a detailed description.

Charles Ray - Actor
Wanda Hawley - Actor

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