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Original Italian 2 Fogli Poster (39x55). Luigi Martinati Artwork. Folded. Fine Condition.

Original Italian 2 Fogli Poster (39x55) for the Byron Haskin biographical adventure, HIS MAJESTY O'KEEFE (1954) [Italian title: IL TRONO NERO] starring Burt Lancaster, Joan Rice, and Andre Morell. Lancaster teams up with the lovely Joan Rice from the UK to present a tale of adventure in the South Seas. In 1870, ambitious Captain David O'Keefe (Lancaster) leaves Hong Kong to seek the valuable copra in the South Seas. Copra is the kernel of the coconut used to extract coconut oil. Filmed on location in Fiji, there is the usual contingent of half-naked and lazy South Sea natives who must interact with the greedy and exploitative "white men." With artwork by Luigi Martinati, this original Italian poster is folded and in fine condition, with minor fold distresses and holes. This poster was used by a Cinema in Italy and then stored for many years. Colors are vivid, but the poster has some general wear and tear. Overall, however, we grade the poster as fine. We feel that it would be difficult to find another copy in better shape than this one. Please note that this is the original Warner Brothers release of 1954.

Joan Rice - Actor
Andre Morell - Actor
Abraham Sofaer - Actor
Charles Horvath - Actor
Guy Doleman - Actor
Philip Ahn - Actor

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