JOHNNY GUITAR (1954) 28902 Movie Poster Joan Crawford Sterling Hayden Scott Brady Mercedes McCambridge Nicholas Ray

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Original Italian 39x55 Poster Reissue from the 1960s Fair to Good Condition

Original Italian Poster for the Nicholas Ray directed "noir" western JOHNNY GUITAR (1954) starring Joan Crawford, Sterling Hayden, Mercedes McCambridge, Scott Brady, Ward Bond, Ernest Borgnine, Ben Cooper and John Carradine. What a cast! Did anyone know when this film was being made that it would be the darling of the film noir crowd that it became? This poster is not the first Italian release, and it bears, stylistically, a distinct look from the 1960s. The poster is folded, was used in an Italian cinema and is in average used condition. There may be some small holes and small tears. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this poster is an authentic Italian poster from this film. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

Joan Crawford - Actor
Sterling Hayden - Actor
Mercedes McCambridge - Actor
Scott Brady - Actor
Ward Bond - Actor
Ernest Borgnine - Actor
Ben Cooper - Actor
John Carradine - Actor
Royal Dano - Actor
Paul Fix - Actor
Rhys Williams - Actor
Ian MacDonald - Actor

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