LAST FIST OF FURY, THE (1977) 26817

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Alemannia-Filmverieih Theatrical-Release U.S. Film Poster (21x32) Folded Very Fine Condition

This is a special sized poster - 21x32 inches - for the South Korean film THE LAST FIST OF FURY (1977) another film in variety of martial arts films known as "brucesploitation" movies. Some purport to actually star Bruce Lee, others merely rob footage from his film and incorporate it into their own movie. This film was also distributed as THE LAST MARTIAL ARTIST. MovieArt Austin purchased the contents of a theater that played many of martial arts films. Most of these films were made in Asia. While online databases can give some information about the films and about the distribution for the films in the U.S. it is also true that some of the lesser known films can have sketchy information. Most of the posters that we acquired were, as we have said, theater-used, folded, and should be regarded as average-used conditions. When a posterÕs condition exceeds this standard, we have said so and also we have stated when a poster has problems that exceed this. What we do know about these posters, including this one, is that all of these posters are vintage and authentic U.S. posters for these films. Sometimes the size may vary from standard one-sheet size, and we will so state when that is the case. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

SHI-HYEON KIM - Director

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