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20th Century Fox Original U.S. Insert Poster (14x36) Average Used Condition

Original 20th Century Fox Insert Poster (14x36) Paper-backed. The film is LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN (1946), directed by John Stahl. One of the very best film noirs to be filmed in color, the film stars Gene Tierney as the ultimate femme fatale. Tierney is unhinged in a subtle way, and Cornel Wilde is the unsuspecting beau who has to learn about her the hard way. The film has a great cast including Vincent Price, Chill Wills and Daryl Hickman. This movie is always on the list of the 10 Best Film Noirs, and deservedly so. While the one-sheet poster is one of the very pricey posters in the film noir canon, the insert poster shown here is quite good in it's own right. This poster was a folded insert in average condition. We have had it restored. While the native condition of the poste was not at all bad, the restoration effort makes the poster shine. Ask us about poster conservation. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic U.S. insert for this film. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas does not sell reproductions.

Gene Tierney - Actor
Vincent Price - Actor
JOHN M. STAHL - Director
Chill Wills - Actor
Darryl Hickman - Actor

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