LONG SHOT, THE (1939) 384

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Original Grand National Pictures Six Sheet Poster (81x81). Linen-Backed. Very Fine Plus Condition.

Original Grand National Pictures Six Sheet Poster (81x81) for the Charles Lamont horse racing drama, LONG SHOT (1939) starring Gordon Jones, Marsha Hunt, C. Henry Gordon, and Harry Davenport. This is the story about stable owner Gordon trying to ruin another owner Davenport and marry Davenport's niece, Hunt, in the aftermath. Davenport anticipates the plot, fakes his own death, and wills his only horse to Hunt and Jones. After a series of losses, the horse finally wins the Santa Anita handicap. Davenport comes back, Gordon and his henchmen are foiled, and Hunt and Jones fall in love. This original six sheet poster is in very fine plus condition, beautifully linen backed.

Gordon Jones - Actor
Marsha Hunt - Actor
George Meeker - Actor
C. Henry Gordon - Actor
Harry Davenport - Actor
George E. Stone - Actor

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