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Original Continental Distributing Half Sheet Poster (22x28). Good To Very Good Condition.

Original Continental Distributing Half Sheet Poster (22x28) for the Peter Brook adventure thriller, LORD OF THE FLIES (1963) starring James Aubrey, Tom Chapin, Hugh Edwards, and Roger Elwin. Brook's film, based on William Golding's novel, was released in the period just prior to the assassination of President Kennedy. For the baby boomer generation the book had been influential, along with the more famous CATCHER IN THE RYE. The story of a group of English schoolboys, stranded on a jungle island by a plane crash, and their descent from civilized kids to tribal near-savages had the goods it took to really shock readers. The talented Brook transferred this quality admirably to the screen. The movie is cast near-perfectly from a pool of unknowns. Particularly memorable is James Aubrey (1947-2010), one of the few members of the cast who went on to have a career in acting. Brook handles the actors very well, and the movie, which is, in a way, quite beautiful with its arresting black and white photography advances the story inexorably toward a disturbing anti-climax. The film was remade, and not too shabbily in 1990, but it is this version with its melancholy and beauty that is compelling. The poster is rolled, but shows some signs of use and is graded as good to very good condition. No folds, but there is some edge wear and some paper loss on the REVERSE side. Paper-backing would help this poster. Please ask us about poster conservation.

PETER BROOK - Director

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