LOVE GOD?, THE (1969) 8320

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Original Universal Pictures One Sheet Poster (27x41). Signed by Don Knotts. Folded. Very Fine.

Original Universal Pictures One Sheet Poster (27x41) for the Nat Hiken sex comedy, THE LOVE GOD? (1969) starring Don Knotts, Anne Francis, and Edmond O'Brien. Knotts plays his standard milquetoast Walter-Mitty-type character who is a publisher of a financially challenged bird watching magazine in a small town. He inadvertently winds up as the figurehead publisher of a tawdry skin magazine. He gets arrested and has to battle in court for his "right" to publish "dirty pictures." When he wins his court case, he is considered a modern day Casanova by every woman in America. This original one sheet poster is folded and in very fine condition. Don Knotts signed the poster is the presence of the owner of MovieArt, Kirby McDaniel.

Anne Francis - Actor
Don Knotts - Actor
NAT HIKEN - Director
Willis Bouchey - Actor

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