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Original Polish Poster (23x33). Art by Jakub Erol. Very Fine Plus.

Original Polish Poster (23x33) for the Arthur Hiller romantic drama, LOVE STORY (1970) starring Ali MacGraw, Ryan O'Neal, John Marley, Ray Milland and Tommy Lee Jones. Two young college students at Harvard/Radcliff meet, fall in love, she becomes ill, dies, and his heart is broken. All of this became one of the biggest hits of the era with a tag phrase "Love means never having to say you're sorry" that left people scratching their heads but adoring the return to Hollywood romance after a decade of swinging singles and hippie free love. Based on a book by Erich Segal, LOVE STORY features an absolutely perfect musical score by Francis Lai for which he won the films only Oscar. Poster design includes a portrait of McGraw and O'Neal as young lovers within a psychedelic heart while a tiny cherub does his handiwork! Art on this poster is by Jakub Erol. Very Fine Plus. This is the best poster on this film that we know of.

Ryan O'Neal - Actor
Ali MacGraw - Actor

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