LYNDON BAINES JOHNSON (1968) 29098 Sixties-Era Political Poster Dated 1968

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Commercially Printed Political Poster (1968) 21x29 Viet Nam Era Anti-Johnson

First of all, this is NOT a film poster. But we thought it was interesting. It's a commercially printed political poster from the Viet Nam War Era. The poster is dated 1968 and was printed by the International Poster Coporation, Los Angeles. Condition is very fine to near mint. In 1968, opposition to the Viet Nam War in the United States was ramping up significantly, and this poster and others like it would have found their way into the bedrooms and dorm rooms of U.S. students protesting the war. The poster targets President Lyndon Johnson, asking the question "Would you die to save this face?". Many had and more would for years before the war would end in 1975. Once again, the poster is not attached to any film, so it is a little out of our area. But it's interesting and it is vintage sixties.

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