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Paramount Pictures Original U.S. One-Sheet Poster (27x41) LInen Backed Very Fine Condition

Paramount Pictures Original U.S. One-Sheet Poster for the Cecil B. DeMille directed film MALE AND FEMALE (1919) starring Gloria Swanson, Thomas Meighan, Theodore Roberts, Raymond Hatton, Lila Lee, Bebe Daniels and Wesley Barry. Swanson was a star of enormous magnitude and the fact that she was repeatedly used to such advantage by DeMille, literally one of the founders of the American Cinema, was not lost on her or her audience. If she was not exactly a vamp, she was certainly an alluring female star who exuded sophistication, glamour and, above all, sex. MALE AND FEMALE was based on a 1902 play, THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON by James M. Barrie. The story had been filmed in England the year before with the same title starring Basil Gill, Mary Dibley and James Lindsay. In the more elaborate American film, Swanson plays an aristocratic woman, a haughty member of the upper class. Meighan plays Crichton, the charming, charismatic butler who serves her. Themes of class and gender pervade the story. Swanson is shown at the beginning of the film in her bath, attended by two maids who lavish her with rosewater, luxurious towels, and a gorgeous silk gown. This is classic DeMille. Meighan attends to her needs with style and wit, but always at the proper distance. He is attracted to Swanson, but she brushes him off, though he is handsome, because of his lower social class. But when Swanson and her entourage are shipwrecked during a luxury cruise, they are suddenly at the mercy of the elements. Meighan is able to call on inner resources to survive, and in time is a King on the island, while the aristocrats flounder. At the end of the film DeMille includes a fantasy sequence in which Swanson was filmed with two lions, imitating a famous painting by Gabriel von Max, "The Lions Bride". Swanson insisted on doing the scene with the lions despite DeMille's objections. Swanson prevailed and the scene was filmed, with two trainers present on the set, without incident. The sequence is depicted on this incredible sepia-toned poster. MALE AND FEMALE was a huge hit for the fledgling studio, the biggest boxoffice of any film Paramount released in 1919. This story has been appropriated several times, notably by Lina Wertmuller (SWEPT AWAY, 1974) and Guy Ritchie in the tepid Madonna version of 2002. The poster is linen-backed and in very fine condition. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic U.S. one-sheet poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

Thomas Meighan - Actor
Theodore Roberts - Actor
Raymond Hatton - Actor
Gloria Swanson - Actor
Lila Lee - Actor
Bebe Daniels - Actor

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