MAN FROM PLANET X, THE (1951) 16846

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Original United Artists One Sheet Poster (27x41). Linen-backed. Very Fine.

Original United Artists one-sheet poster (27x41) for the Edgar G. Ulmer sci-fi classic, THE MAN FROM PLANET X (1951) starring Robert Clarke, Margaret Field, and Raymond Bond. Shot in six days on sets left over from JOAN OF ARC (1948), Clarke is a reporter in the foggy moor of a remote Scottish island sent to cover the story of the approach to earth of a previously unknown planet when he unexpectedly confronts a friendly alien from X. The alien's plea for aid for his freezing planet is met with total obliteration by the British army bazookas. One of the first alien invasion films, it boasts an eerie atmosphere, moody cinematography, fun musical score, and an interesting story. While most of the one sheets - already rare - for this title show heavy use, this one is linen-backed and in very fine condition with some limited restoration. A small chip was replaced in the background area. Colors are vivid and the overall presentation of the poster is excellent. One of the better examples of this one sheet that we have seen. With its endearing primitive art it is one of the most charming of the American science fiction film posters. This poster has been historically harder to find. Recently several copies have appeared and sold in the $4000-$4500 range. What has not changed is finding this one-sheet in this condition.

EDGAR G. ULMER - Director
Robert Clarke - Actor
Margaret Field - Actor
Raymond Bond - Actor
William Schallert - Actor

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