MEXICO 2000 (1983) 27525

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Original Mexican Movie Poster (28x36) Folded Fine Plus Condition

Original Mexican 28x36 movie poster for the Mexican film MEXICO 2000 (1983) starring Chucho Salinas, Hector Lechuga, Roju Grau, Elizabeth Aguilar, Miguel Gurza and others. The film was directed by Rogelio A. Gonzales. Here is a Mexican futurist fantasy projecting forward to the year 2000! Watch out for the Y2K !! We love this poster. Condition is fine plus, and the poster is folded. We purchased the contents of a theater that played many films imported from Mexico. Most of these films ranged from westerns, exploitation, sexploitation, monster and horror and pop culture melodramas and comedies. All of these posters were theater-used, some have minor tape stains and all were folded. We love these poster for the range of graphic design. Some are quite funny, others salacious. We have not included much detail about the films themselves. We think the posters for these movies speak for themselves. We do know that all of these posters are authentic, theatrical-release film posters from Mexico. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.


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