MICHAEL JACKSON (1984) 19704 CBS Records Publicity Poster for the album THRILLER

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Columbia Records Original Michael Jackson THRILLER publicity poster (24x36)

Original Columbia Records Point of Promotion Poster (24x36) for Michael Jackson's award-winning recording, THRILLER (1984). This is the famous "yellow sweater" poster. Reproduced for two decades and widely sold as a commercial poster, here is the original example, produced by Columbia Records itself as POP, or Point of Promotion material. This poster was designed for exhibit in record retailers. This poster has the Columbia Records catalog number for the album printed on the poster and this distinguishes it from reproductions. The poster is in very fine condition, with only very minor edge wear. THRILLER remains one of the greatest selling albums ever recorded. Not a film poster. We sometimes sell great music business items. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions.

Michael Jackson - Actor

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