MOONRAKER (1979) 5507

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Original United Artists Australian daybill (14x30) for the Lewis Gilbert outer space spy adventure, MOONRAKER (1979) starring Roger Moore, Lois Chiles, Michael Lonsdale, and Richard Kiel. The fourth Bond movie to star Roger Moore, MOONRAKER was one of the liveliest of the Roger Moore outings. Bond investigates the mid-air theft of the space shuttle and uncovers a plot to commit global genocide. This was the first movie to feature the modern space shuttle, and the stunning space visuals garnered the film its only Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects. The title song was sung for the third and last time by Shirley Bassey. It was the highest grossing Bond movie up until GOLDENEYE (1995). This Australian daybill is folded and in very fine condition.

Sir Roger Moore - Actor
Lois Chiles - Actor
Lois Maxwell - Actor
Desmond Llewelyn - Actor
Bernard Lee - Actor
Walter Gotell - Actor
Richard Kiel - Actor
Geoffrey Keen - Actor

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