NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS (1971) 9471 Movie Poster Dan Curtis David Selby Grayson Hall Kate Jackson

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Original MGM Three-sheet Poster (41x81) Folded Very Fine Condition

This original poster for Night of Dark Shadows (1971) is a fascinating reminder of one of the most famous phenomena in American television history. In 1966, Producer/director Dan Curtis created the first (and pretty much the last) gothic horror daytime soap opera on television, Dark Shadows. The program ran from 1966 through 1971 and was an amazing success. Children across the country rushed home from school to see it every afternoon and many future tv and movie stars found their sea legs on this well-cast program. Night of Dark Shadows was a bit of a sad case. Although the poster is stunning, with terrific imagery of Angelique the witch (Lara Parker) hanging from a tree; the film was hampered by the studio. The movie was filmed after the show had ended its run on ABC so the quality of the production exceeds that of the first film, House of Dark Shadows. The studio powers at MGM deemed the original cut too long and demanded Curtis cut 30 minutes from the film during a frantic 24-hour period. . Many from the original cast also appeared in new and unfamiliar roles. This was a standard devise on the series as well. As this sequel lacked the tv showÕs star, Jonathan Frid, who played vampire Barnabas Collins, the box-office appeal was slighted and the film was not quite the success of the original. Also, the public had moved on at this point and the entire Dark Shadows world became one of the sixties and future fan conventions, not unlike the original Star Trek series. Condition is very fine. Large poster 41x81!!

DAN CURTIS - Director
David Selby - Actor
Grayson Hall - Actor
Kate Jackson - Actor
Thayer David - Actor

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