NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) 8012 Original Scene Lobby Card (11x14) Cary Grant Phillip Ober

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Original U.S. Scene Lobby Card (11x14) Very Good Condition

Original MGM Scene Lobby Card (11x14) for the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959), starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, Leo G. Carroll, James Mason, and Martin Landau. One of the most famous of Hitchcock's films of the 1950s, NORTH BY NORTHWEST is endlessly entertaining. Quoting from THE MOTION PICTURE GUIDE: "One of Hitchcock's best, NORTH BY NORTHWEST has everything - thrills, suspense, intrigue, mystery, humor and no little comedy, black as a coal pit, of course, in keeping with the darkly whimsical perspective of that pantheon director. Grant, Saint, Mason and Carroll are simply marvelous in their intricate roles, and, aside from Grant, it's hard to tell whether they're good or bad until the film has dragged the viewer feet-first into the complex plot. Peril of the common man or not-so-common man is always at the apex of any Hitchcock tale and this film is no exception." This is one of the trickiest of Hitchcock films and his last film with Cary Grant. The famous finale on Mount Rushmore and the crop duster buzzing Cary Grant are among the most famous Hitchcock screen moments. This card is lobby card No. 4 and it shows Grant pulling a knife from Philip Ober's back in the scene at the United Nations. The film was produced by Ernest Lehman and has an unforgettable score by Bernard Herrmann. This card has been graded in very good condition with some signs of general use and some paper tape on the reverse side. No tears or pinholes. Authentic, vintage. MovieArt does not sell reproductions.

Cary Grant - Actor
Eva Marie Saint - Actor
Jessie Royce Landis - Actor
Martin Landau - Actor
James Mason - Actor
Leo G. Carroll - Actor
Philip Ober - Actor
Edward Binns - Actor
Les Tremayne - Actor
Henry O'Neill - Actor
James McCallion - Actor

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