NORTHERN PATROL (1953) 23799 Kirby Grant Marian Carr Original Allied Artists Pressbook

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Original U.S. Foldout Pressbook (11x17)

Original Allied Artists Pressbook for the Rex Bailey directed western film NORTHERN PATROL (1953). The film stars Kirby Grant, Marian Carr, Claudia Drake, Gloria Talbott and Emmett Lynn. This pressbook came from the archive of a theater. There were some tears which we have mended with archival mending tissue. There are no cuts however. The pressbook should be considered in fragile condition. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this is the original Allied Artists pressbook for this movie. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

REX BAILEY - Director
Kirby Grant - Actor
Marian Carr - Actor
Claudia Drake - Actor
Gloria Talbott - Actor
Emmett Lynn - Actor
Frank Lackteen - Actor
Frank Sully - Actor

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