OLD MAN AND THE SEA, THE (1958) 10059

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Original Warner Brothers 1958 Insert (14x36) Directed by John Sturges and Starring Spencer Tracy

An original Warner Brothers 1958 Insert (14x36) on the classic Hemingway novella, The Old Man and the Sea starring Spencer Tracy as a Cuban fisherman who has gone 84 days without a catch. The original director assigned to the film was Fred Zinnemann but he withdrew and was replaced by John Sturges. The Old Man and the Sea was the first movie to use bluescreen compositing technology that combined actors on a soundstage with a pre-filmed background. Dimitri Tiomkin won the Academy Award for Best Original Score and Spencer Tracy was nominated for the Best Actor category at the Academy Award. This insert is in very fine condition. MovieArt Austin guarantees this poster to be an authentic vintage poster for this film. MovieArt will sell no reproductions.

Spencer Tracy - Actor

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