OUT OF THE PAST (1947) 24634

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RKO Half Sheet Poster 22x28 Fine Plus to Very Fine Unfolded Robert Mitchum!

In our opinion this great film directed by Jacques Tourneur is perhaps the greatest of all film noirs. The cast is perfect for this story: Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas. Here is an excerpt from Glenn Erickson's review of this stellar film at DVD "In every genre or category of movies there are films that transcend academic pigeonholing, and Jacques Tourneur's Out of the Past is a prime example. One leaves a screening of this doomed romance with a profound appreciation of a key awareness behind film noir: Disillusion and despair in a corrupt but seductive world. A critic once pegged this picture as the perfect "annihilating melodrama." Almost everyone winds up as a corpse, but they're very entertaining on the way to the graveyard. In this postwar phase RKO was supposed to be putting together economical program pictures but this one overachieves on all counts. Howard Hughes favorite Robert Mitchum has his big break here, finally playing the ultra-casual pre- hipster who could have taught Jack Kerouac a few things about the Beat life. Unappreciated Jane Greer plays her femme fatale as a self-contradiction in a tight dress, the irresistible woman whose real name is Trouble. Mitchum's character knows that she's poison and she admits that there's only grief in their future. His answer is "Baby, I don't care!" This is a great film and the half sheet is wonderful. One sheets for this film have now blown through $10,000 threshold. This half sheet is a great value. Condition is fine plus to very fine - has never been folded. Some light smudging in areas and some border edgewear. Paper-backing this poster would make this poster present sensationally.

Robert Mitchum - Actor
Jane Greer - Actor
Rhonda Fleming - Actor
Steve Brodie - Actor
Virginia Huston - Actor
Dickie Moore - Actor

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