PRIDE OF ST. LOUIS, THE (1952) 14424

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Original 20th Century Fox Six Sheet Poster (81x81). Very Fine Condition.

Original 20th Century Fox Six Sheet Poster (81x81) for the Harmon Jones sport biography, THE PRIDE OF ST. LOUIS (1952) starring Dan Dailey, Joanne Dru, and Richard Hylton. This film is the story of Jerome "Dizzy" Dean, a major-league baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs in the 1930's and 1940's. Dan Dailey successfully captures the colorful personality of Dizzy Dean, the son of a sharecropper with little education. When a foot injury lead to his eventual decline as a star player, Dean learned how to make his zany charm work for him in a new career as baseball radio commentator. This original six sheet poster is in very fine condition.

Dan Dailey - Actor
Joanne Dru - Actor
Richard Crenna - Actor
James Brown 1 - Actor
John Doucette - Actor

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