RACE FOR LIFE (1954) 703

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U.S. One-Sheet (27x41) Re-release poster from 1957 Average Used Condition

Re-release American one-sheet poster for the hot car movie RACERS FROM HELL. This is a poster for the re-release of the 1954 movie RACE FOR LIFE starring Richard Conte and Mari Aldon, which in turn was the American title for a UK film MASK OF DEATH. Sex and cars and death all in dayglo inks. This is a theater-used poster and we have judged it in average used condition. There is a large stain across the top border This could be easily fixed with conservation. This poster would linen-back nicely and would look great in the garage next to your Challenger. This is the last example of this title that we have. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is authentic, dates from 1957 and is not a reproduction of any kind. MovieArt Austin doesn't sell them!

Richard Conte - Actor
Mari Aldon - Actor

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