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MGM Scene Lobby Card (11x14). Very Good Condition.

Original MGM Scene Lobby Card (11x14) for the J. Walter Ruben crime drama, RIFFRAFF (1936) starring Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy, Una Merkel, and Joseph Calleia. Harlow plays a tuna-cannery worker who falls in love with Tracy who plays a loudmouthed, conceited fisherman. After they marry, they spend a large amount of time yelling insults as each other. After Tracy is kicked out of his union and fired from his job, he leaves Harlow. She steals money for him and eventually goes to jail. After he gets a new job, he foils a plot to dynamite the boat and vows to wait for Harlow. This original lobby card of a glum Harlow and Joseph Calleia is in very good condition. Image quality on this card is great but there is some paper loss in the border area upper right corner. Colors are good, however, and there is no paper loss in the image area. Easily restored.

Jean Harlow - Actor
Spencer Tracy - Actor
J. WALTER RUBEN - Director
Joseph Calleia - Actor
Una Merkel - Actor
Victor Kilian - Actor
J. Farrell MacDonald - Actor

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