ROBIN HOOD (1973) 20326

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Set of Four Original Walt Disney Production Special Counter Standees (10x30). Very Fine Condition.

Set of Four Original Walt Disney Productions Special Counter Standees (10x30) for the Wolfgang Reitherman animated adventure, ROBIN HOOD (1973) starring the voices of Brian Bedford (Robin Hood), Phil Harris (Little John), Pat Battram (Sheriff of Nottingham), Terry-Thomas (Sir Hiss), and Peter Ustinov (Prince John). This animated retelling of the Robin Hood legend uses charming humanoid animals as the characters in the story. This fun romp has many good songs, classic animation, and believable characters and situations. These four rare standees include Robin Hood as a fox, Little John as a bear, the Sheriff of Nottingham as a wolf, and both Sir Hiss as a snake and Prince John as a lion. All four standees are in very fine condition.


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