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United Artists Original U.S. Lobby Card (11x14) Very Fine Condition

Original United Artists Pictures U.S. Portrait Scene Lobby Card for the legendary gangster film SCARFACE (1932) directed by Howard Hawks. The film stars Paul Muni, Boris Karloff, Ann Dvorak, Karen Morley, C. Henry Gordon, Eugenie Besserer, Edwin Maxwell, Douglas Walton and Osgood Perkins. Produced by Howard Hughes, independently, for his Caddo Films company, SCARFACE remains one of the best crime pictures ever made. The movie was deftly directed by the great Howard Hawks. Ruthlessly frank, explicit, dangerous and shocking, the film aroused the censors. Unable to get the movie distributed initially, Hughes at first "four-walled" the film, renting theaters outright and taking 100% of the revenue. However, United Artists was at last allowed to distribute the film with a few minor changes. One of those changes was to add a subtitle to the film and consquently the film's advertising, and the phrase "the shame of a nation" was chosen. It is this phrase which you see added to this card. Although some very rare cards have surfaced without the phrase, cards with and without it, and with this design, are clearly regarded as original. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this lobby card is an authentic, vintage lobby card for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

George Raft - Actor
Paul Muni - Actor
Boris Karloff - Actor
Ann Dvorak - Actor
Karen Morley - Actor
C. Henry Gordon - Actor
Eugenie Besserer - Actor
Edwin Maxwell - Actor
Douglas Walton - Actor
Osgood Perkins - Actor

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