SHOW BUSINESS (1944) 6527

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Original RKO One Sheet Poster (27x41). Very Fine Plus Condition.

Original RKO One Sheet Poster (27x41) for the Edwin L. Marin musical comedy, SHOW BUSINESS (1944) starring Eddie Cantor, George Murphy, Joan Davis, and Nancy Kelly. This delightful musical comedy is the biography of a burlesque to vaudeville song and dance team over the first 30 years of the 20th century. Though it was not a World War II movie per se, coming at the end of the war, it displayed a warm-hearted Americana for which young American men were fighting and dying. Though no original music was composed for SHOW BUSINESS, the film included some very popular old standards like "Making Whoopee" and "It Had To Be You." This poster is very fine plus condition.

EDWIN L. MARIN - Director
Eddie Cantor - Actor
Joan Davis - Actor
Nancy Kelly - Actor
Constance Moore - Actor
Donald Douglas - Actor
William Haade - Actor
Myrna Dell - Actor
Robert Homans - Actor

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