SILENT RUNNING (1972) D30035 One-Sheet Poster (27x41) Bruce Dern Cliff Potts Jesse Vint Douglas Trumbull Art by George Akimoto

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Original U.S. One-Sheet Poster (27x41) Folded Average Used Condition

Universal Pictures Original U.S. for the Douglas Trumbull directed film SILENT RUNNING (1972). The film was the first directorial effort by Douglas Trumbull, who had created the genius special effects for Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968). The film stars Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts, Jesse Vint, Ron Rifkin, Mark Persons, Steven Brown and Cheryl Sparks. Dern plays an astronaut who is charged with keeping the flora of planet earth preserved, as the plants on earth are extinct. The film featured a score by Peter Schickele, with some songs that were contributed by Joan Baez. This poster was used in a theater. It is folded, and is somewhat worn. It should be regarded to be in good, not fine, condition. The art is by George Akimoto. Colors are vivid. Certainly a good candidate for linen-backing. Priced appropriately. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas does not sell reproductions.

Bruce Dern - Actor
Cliff Potts - Actor
Jesse Vint - Actor
Jesse Vint - Actor

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