SLACKER (1991) 16162

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Original Orion Classics One Sheet Poster (27x41). Unfolded. Very Fine Plus.

Original Orion Classics One Sheet Poster (27x41) for the indy classic SLACKER directed by Richard Linklater and starring Richard Linklater, Jean Caffeine and a host of Austin Texas "slackers" from two decades ago. Made on a shoestring, the film is now firmly ensconced in the Independent Feature Firmament and is available on the prestigious Criterion Collection DVD. Linklater made a film that captured that moment just before Austin was to become an International Crossroads for the tech, music and media crowd. Many local folk appeared in the film. Linklater paints a charming and idiosyncratic picture of The Austin That Was. The film was picked up by Orion Classics, essentially launching Linklater's career as one of the most fondly regarded indy directors. The poster is unfolded in very fine plus condition. Reasonably scarce.


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