SOCERERS' VILLAGE (1958) 10659

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Film Representations U.S. Half Sheet Poster 22x28 Folded Very Good Condition

This is the U.S. half sheet poster for the film SORCERERS' VILLAGE (1958). The film was also distributed in the U.S.A. as VOODOO VILLAGE by Continental Distributing in 1963. And it is the half sheet for that release that we offer here. This half sheet is folded and the condition is very good. The film documents the travels of Hassoldt Davis and his wife who journeyed in the Ivory Coast. The New York Times film reviewer wrote: "A NEW documentary called "Sorcerers' Village" records various tribal customs and ceremonies in primitive Africa and concludes with a brief, picturesque peek at its remote title locale, near the border of Liberia in the French Ivory Coast. Directed by Capt. Hassoldt Davis, and photographed by his wife, Ruth, (in so-so color), this middling good little picture represents a seven-month jungle trek by the enterprising couple across the Ivory Coast." This poster is an authentic half sheet from the U.S.; MovieArt will sell no reproductions.

HASSOLDT DAVIS - Actor/Director
Ruth Staudinger Davis - Actor
Burgess Meredith -

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