STAGECOACH (1939) 30833 Movie Poster (14x36) John Wayne Claire Trevor Andy Devine Thomas Mitchell John Ford

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Original U.S. Insert Poster (14x36) Very Fine Condition Paper Backed

Original United Artists Insert Card Poster (14x36) for the John Ford western epic, STAGECOACH (1939) starring Claire Trevor, John Wayne, Andy Devine, and John Carradine. It is no exaggeration to state that STAGECOACH is one of the most important western films ever made. This was the first of many Ford movies filmed in Monument Valley, Arizona. A disparate group of passengers are on a stagecoach headed to a destination. Each of the passengers has baggage, and not the kind that is merely stored up top. But their personal troubles are put into perspective by Apache danger. It's a theme that Ford would revisit many time, but it is distilled so clearly in this film. The movie also boasts beautiful performances by Andy Devine, Thomas Mitchell, Louise Platt, Donald Meek, Yakima Canutt and Tim Holt. This poster is paper-backed and we have graded it in fine plus to very fine condition. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees this poster to be authentic.

Claire Trevor - Actor
JOHN FORD - Director
Andy Devine - Actor
John Carradine - Actor
Thomas Mitchell - Actor
Louise Platt - Actor
George Bancroft - Actor
Donald Meek - Actor
Tim Holt - Actor
Tom Tyler - Actor
Chief John Big Tree - Actor
Whitehorse -
Elvira Rios - Actor
Robert Homans - Actor

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