STAR 80 (1983) 6367

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Original Warner Brothers Insert Poster (14x36). Rolled. Very Fine To Near Mint Condition.

Original Warner Brothers Insert Poster (14x36) for the Bob Fosse biographical drama, STAR 80 (1983) starring Mariel Hemingway, Eric Roberts, Cliff Robertson, and Carroll Baker. Fosse has created a shockingly beautiful docudrama about the dark side of the American dream. Paul (Roberts) meets a pretty but naive high school senior Dorothy (Hemingway) and lands her a spread in Playboy, which ultimately leads to a new acting career. But then Paul begins to be seen as just a hanger on and become increasingly disliked by the men who now direct Dorothy's career. Roberts gives a stunning performance as the narcissistic small time hustler Paul, and Baker is also superb as Dorothy's mother. This original one sheet poster is rolled and in very fine to near mint condition.

Mariel Hemingway - Actor
BOB FOSSE - Director

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