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Columbia Pictures Original Half Sheet Poster 22x28

This is an original Columbia Pictures style B half sheet poster for the Joseph L. Mankiewicz dramatic classic, SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER (1959) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, and Montgomery Clift. Based on a play by the very successful Broadway icon Tennessee Williams, the screenplay was skillfully adapted by Gore Vidal. Set in New Orleans in 1937, Hepburn plays a lady of means who is mourning the loss of her son. She wants to donate a million dollars to the hospital where Clift is a doctor if he will perform a lobotomy on her niece Taylor. The young woman seems to be totally traumatized by something she witnessed the previous summer. The entirestory turns on the character of the son Sebastian, but you never see his face or hear his voice in Taylor's flashbacks. He is supposed to have died of a heart attack, but the audience finally discovers that it was something more terrible. Tennessee Williams never forgave his own mother for letting his sister Rose have a lobotomy to "cure" her anxiety problems and it is from this experience that Tennessee has drawn this story. Both Taylor and Hepburn were nominated for Oscars. It was the eighth nomination for Hepburn and the third nomination for Taylor. This original half sheet is in fine plus condition. A small ding on one of the border edges. This is one of the best posters on the title because of the well-printed image of Taylor in the famous white one-piece bathing suit. This poster was originally folded, but has been stored flat for many years.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor - Actor
Montgomery Clift - Actor
Katharine Hepburn - Actor
Albert Dekker - Actor
Mercedes McCambridge - Actor
Gary Raymond - Actor
Eddie Fisher - Actor

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