SUSPICION (1941) 24579

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RKO Pictures Original British Quad Poster 30x40 Undated Re-release Very Fine Linen Backed

Joan Fontaine is married to Cary Grant. They seem happy but Fontaine is worried that Grant is trying to kill her. But he's a nice guy - kinda mysterious, though. So is he or is he not trying to kill her? This is conundrum around which SUSPICION, crafted by the master Alfred Hitchcock, revolves. This is an unusual poster, a re-release from Britain, probably of about 1953. Very nicely printed on a good quality paper, the poster features a caricature of Hitch himself. An unusual poster for any Hitchcock collector. And beautifully linen backed.

Cary Grant - Actor
Joan Fontaine - Actor
Nigel Bruce - Actor
Sir Cedric Hardwicke - Actor
Dame May Whitty - Actor
Leo G. Carroll - Actor
Heather Angel - Actor

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